Multi-Faceted Single-Source Solutions

Support via NatMed engagement, overlapping matrices for 360° performance

  • Market Supply Coordination
  • Auxiliary Inventory Support
  • Strategic Assistance Programs
  • 2019-2020 Outlook

NatMed contours its efforts and capacities to coincide with emerging opportunities across a broad spectrum of marketing, support and program assistance categories that require steady emphasis and agile adaptation for changing conditions.

Proven Supply Programs

NatMed has established strategic relationships with domestic & global organizations over the past three decades to coincide with of its comprehensive integrations with all sectors. NatMed capitalizes upon these relationships throughout Latin America, the Caribbean and the world to secure unique contracts, special market opportunities, and cooperative agency co-venture positioning. NatMed and it’s delegates understand the value of cooperative alliances and continuously monitor needs and challenge to facilitate improved performance for all concerned.
  • Customized roll-outs,  that meets task specs.
  • Protocol development, for changing ground conditions.
  • Capacity enhancements, as circumstances warrant and require.
  • Experienced perspectives, with facilitation by capable and responsive project teams

Regional Ingress, Supplementation & Growth

Whether acquiring territorial gains, expanding reach, or improving share, NatMed is among the most qualified team counterparts to assist suppliers and distributors in meeting goals on a predictable sustainable basis.
  • Targeted market entry, economic development & restorative stimuli.
  • Overcoming territorial access barriers.
  • Co-ventures for urban & rural penetration.
  • Integrating of training, product availability & systems support functions.

Mandate for Strategic Responsiveness

Whether in funding, positioning, treater aggregation or med-surg product supply, advance readiness is a must
  • Anticipating urgent demand & supply interruption.
  • Addressing fast-arising situations and evolving treating conditions.
  • Working year-round to ensure readiness and expedite deployment.
  • Establishing second- and third-response waves for supplemental support rounds and medium term planning.

Multilateral Auxiliaries

Full NatMed assignments and integrations have spearheaded programs and critical initiatives.
  • NatMed Assistance Recovery Programs, confirmed.
  • Global Auxiliary Resource Partner, fully Integrated.
  • Critical Inventories maintained & staged, 365 days.
  • Rapid Deployment Assurance, with expiry rotations.
  • Rx – Medsurg – Foodstuffs – Relief Supplies, prioritized.
  • Urgent Care – Stabilization – Nutrition, asap and stat.
  • Scalable Capacities For Emergency Situations, as needed.

NatMed Secure Inventory Curricula

A host of operational disciplines and expertise serving a wide array of supply and business development directions, historic and prospective.
  • International Economic Stimulator, performance based
  • International Trade Council approved, LatAm & Caribbean
  • Multi-National Coverage – U.S.A. and Allied Nations
  • Licensed Pharmaceutical Wholesaler, numerous regions.
  • US Department of Commerce: Gold Key Provider, many terms
  • Statewide Access – Florida relief and coastal and Island assistance
  • NGO and Quasi-Public Org., credentialed

Overarching Mission

Thirty-five years of supporting challenged communities enables specialized perspectives that guide NatMed deployments for maximal assistance and improved outcomes

In the mid-1980’s, the groundwork was laid with a convergence of healthcare and multi-sector organizations to improve the access and rendition of treatment, service and supply to the widest aperture of patients and locations as possible. With wellness and relief as the primary objectives, the simultaneous opportunity to achieve growth for product makers, distributors and users was incorporated for maximal sustainability. It is with these goal in mind that NatMed approaches each opportunity, intend upon an ongoing pursuit of the common good.