National MedSurg engages with healthcare communities and treatment providers to assist emergent crises in a time of widespread, unanticipated need. NatMed uses its 30+ years of unique positioning as a full spectrum public-private partner and medical-surgical aggregator to coordinate acute & auxiliary supply for crucial evolving deployments.


Public Health Security

National MedSurg embraces a concurrent mission for awareness, guidance, testing, preparedness, response, procurement, treating, coping & mercy to assist progress & solutions. NatMed helps to equip, supply and coordinate viable paths during healthcare crises, including the monumental challenge of 2020 and its aftermath.

Established Protocols for Efficacy

Operating with 30 years of public health agency cooperation, guidance and accelerated provision to relieve shortness of supply, anticipate upcoming demand, and position essential support for successive stages of the pandemic outbreak of Covid-19 and companion challenges.

Urgent Procurement & Supply

NatMed issues purchase orders that conform with critical need, in support of our partnered mission to expeditiously promote wellness, and hopefully save lives during this crisis. For instances where manufacturers expect a perceived shortage of in-demand products to be ongoing for some time, NatMed asks that suppliers furnish those codes which are deemed to be on-hand and/or in-stock imminently, so that some measure of supply can be furnished to alleviate dire conditions.